White Paper / Road Map

Token developed on BSC ( Binance Smart Chain).

We decided to link our roadmap with our whitepaper in order to make it easier for everyone to understand and to bring something complete and concise!

I remind you that our objective is to help everyone to have access to sport whether it is the most disadvantaged populations, people with disabilities etc.

SportForAll is a deflationary token with a tokenization system that will be presented below! Our token has an anti whale system to avoid having too many sales and having major dumping!


Q4-2021: Launch of SportForAll token

-Listing on pancakeswap

-Request for listing on CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap

-Audit in progress

-Exchange with first major exchanges for our first big listings (in addition to pancakeswap etc)

-Start trading with partners to bring infrastructure to different areas of the world.

Q1-2022: Putting our first missions into action

- Creation of infrastructures in underprivileged countries in order to allow everyone to practice their favorite sport in respectable conditions.

- Providing equipment for different sports such as jerseys, good quality shoes and a lot of more. 

-Listing on major exchanges.

-Major partnership in different areas and discussions with different cities and states.

Q2-2022: Development of new missions 

-Creation of tournaments in order to allow talented players to be seen by more people and to be able to launch their career by being accompanied in order to avoid being manipulated by players' agents etc.

-Creation of clubs in different sports and pay the players with our crypto.

-Big marketing actions

-Create NFT