Frequently asked questions

About the projet:

Our project is to help everyone to have access to sport whether it is the most disadvantaged populations, people with disabilities etc.

No one should be forgotten and we will do our best to help as many people as possible by multiplying our missions over time!

As mentioned in our roadmap/whitepaper we want to bring the necessary infrastructure in the countries that need it. But also the necessary equipment and any other need we can bring!

3% of each transaction will be allocated to investment in infrastructure in underprivileged countries to allow everyone to practice their favorite sport in respectable conditions.

We are currently exchanging with several companies and associations to find the best solution for this! It will also depend on the different missions and countries but we will work to use the best method of operation to achieve each of our missions!

Our team is composed mostly of French and some English speakers. This team is young but experienced in the field of crypto-currency with many experiences in other crypto-currency teams for our CEO and other team members.

About the SFA token

Yes, the liquidity is blocked until October 2023

The total supply is : 1 000 000 000 000

Indeed, manual burns will be performed before each major mission launch!